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SF holdings shares opened trading, the market value reached

Release time:2017-08-11 【Source:未知】

Read this, you read the Chinese express.

Today, the courier sector two things most interesting:

The first thing is SF holdings shares opening that limit, the market value reached 279 billion 400 million yuan, ranking the top enterprises in shenzhen. "Three limit", SF chairman Wang Wei's worth continue to rise, there is no suspense over Ma Huateng, China's top three rich list. In accordance with this momentum, there are two daily limit, Wang Wei can go beyond Ma, Wang Jianlin, won the "China's richest man."".

The second thing is in the express delivery, 2016 Q4 and annual unaudited financial results. Reported through courier in 2016 the annual income of 9 billion 789 million yuan, an increase of 60.8% compared to 2015; gross profit 3 billion 443 million yuan, an increase of 64.9% compared to 2 billion 88 million yuan in 2015; adjusted net profit of 2 billion 165 million yuan, growth of 76.8% in 2015. To further highlight the scale effect, the profit after the SF, as of the time at home in February 28th, through courier stock has also been a week rosy, gratifying gains.

SF and China and the two companies, including the company's founder Wang Wei and Lai Meisong have a common feature: low-key. Although the business model is different, one is direct, and one is to join, but the two in business philosophy, but also have the same purpose.

Through the "stability", "SF" real".

In the old view, it is these two traits, the achievements of the Chinese nowadays express market the strongest two forces.

In the traditional "four links and one up", the express delivery time was the latest, and it could be said to have ventured into the office in the case that the previous few companies had divided the site and the market. But no one thought that the last admission to the pass, but the first to get the next round of running tickets.

Everything must have a cause. The success you see is no accident. In the old view, in general can "catch up from behind", the biggest factor is the "stability" is mainly embodied in three aspects: focus, balance, the courage to share.
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