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  • Xiamen Sunson Technology Co., Ltd.

  • TEL:13959219810

  • Q Q:2529639600

  • Code :361000

  • Address: Room 636, building B, Lianyi building, 268 Wo Wo Shan Road, Huli District, Xiamen


XIAMEN SUNSON TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a professional R & D, production, sales, service as one of the intelligent information technology innovation enterprises. Products related to smart bills printers, intelligent cash registers, printing supplies and peripherals and other products. Widely used in business intelligence, retail, restaurant chain, industrial intelligence, logistics, courier, intelligent medical, financial and other industries. Since its inception, has been focused on intelligent information products manufacturing and overall solutions provider. With professional talents and rich experience in the industry, we will provide quality, high value and excellent service products for our partners, so as to realize the continuous promotion and share of the brand value.

Company vision: focus on intelligent information, overall solutions and service providers.

Company LOGO:


Company philosophy: innovation sharing (business Sheng brand value rising, from the joint and outside the comprehensive innovation and value sharing).

Our advantages: high quality, excellent price, excellent service, dedicated industry, professional technology and dedicated service

Quality: we have engaged in the industry for many years, senior R & D team, structural design more stable and reliable, new appearance, closer to the application areas, software development, the pursuit of stability, more compatible. Standardized production process, strictly control every detail, so that quality can be traced.

Price advantage: we do not do the lowest price in the industry, the industry only the most cost-effective products. Let you through our products to gain more value and profit.

Service excellence: we have a very sound and reliable service system, to ensure that when you sell our products, there is no worries, and get strong protection. We are pleased with your service.

Our products:

Smart bill printer: POS bill printer, embedded printing module, mobile portable printer, ODM custom printer

Intelligent cash register: touch cash register, POS cash register

Peripherals: scanning platform, cash box, printing supplies and other products